Motivational Speaker: Ms. Jennifer Cook Triple "C" CEO


 Award winning motivational speaker Jennifer C. Cook, The Triple “C” CEO, was born in New York City. The youngest of six, she was highly sheltered by her parents and older siblings who wanted nothing but the best for her. Oftentimes, Jennifer spent a significant amount of her recreational moments either with family or a select core of associates because her father was adamant about the protection and preservation of her wellbeing. His emphasis on her to be the best she could be in life, positioned religious instruction and school as the two primary conduits that led to the development of her passion for public speaking. In 1995, Jennifer proudly walked acrossed the stage of St. John’s University receiving her degree in Paralegal Studies in honor of the memory of her deceased father, James G. Welch. She recollects the numerous conversations they had about her becoming an attorney and all the capabilities inside of her served as the launchpad for the road she travels today. From New York to Maryland and now North Carolina, her career choices landed her roles at Vera Wang, NAACP, IBM, John’s Hopkins University, John’s Hopkins Hospital, Maryland Legal Aid Bureau, the NC Biotechnology Center, Halogen TV, Family Dollar and for the largest global financial institution, Bank of America. In 2015, her 75lbs weight loss (now a total of 110lbs over a course of several years) catapulted her to open the doors of Fashion the Mind, Fashion the Figure LLC.  The vision for her company is to address and amend the negative characterization of girls and women in fashion, business, entertainment and social media with her teachings of class, confidence and courage. “The moral and spiritual decline of our world has played a large role in why the value of girls and women are constantly under attack but as a wise woman I refuse to remain silent about these issues so I’ve taken the stance on becoming the solution” says Jennifer.