Motivational Speaker: Ms. Jennifer Cook Triple "C" CEO


Motivational Speaker and Lifestyle Coach, Jennifer C. Cook made her mark when she launched her business Fashion the Mind, Fashion the Figure LLC in 2015 to help redefine, reshape and restore Class, Confidence and Courage in an era where people are becoming morally and spiritually bankrupt.  She has become known as the “Triple ‘C’ CEO” --- one that consistently builds Class, Confidence and Courage (her famous motto).  Jennifer’s dream of impacting the lives of others began in New York City where she was born and raised in a loving two parent home that was faith-based.  The youngest of six, she was well cared for and understood her identity as a young lady maturing in an unkind and uncertain world. A graduate of St. John’s University, with a degree in Paralegal Studies,  her goal was to become an attorney.  

Married to a person that was not healed, whole or healthy became detrimental to her life and in 2001 divorce was eminent.  In 2007, Jennifer was unhappy with her life and topped the scale at 298lbs at only 5’1.  She had become her own worst enemy.  During this season, she was living in Baltimore and had worked for the NAACP, Johns Hopkins and the Legal Aid Bureau, Inc.

Making a bold and courageous move, in 2008 she relocated to Charlotte, NC, knowing no one other than her new manager that she agreed to work for as the local office’s Regional Coordinator for the North Carolina Biotechnology Center.  This role afforded her the opportunity to interact daily with industry leaders in the life sciences world and network with top educators and researchers on a collegiate level.  She remained faithful to this position until 2011 after accepting another role with Halogen TV (subsidiary of Inspiration Network).  While on maternity leave, the network was sold and a few days prior to returning to work, she was told she no longer had a position with the company.  Having very little financial and family support locally made her shift gears while her son was merely six months old.  Forced to take on a contract role that later became permanent employment with the legal department of Family Dollar. Her mind developed a new strategy of how to bring people together weekly for motivation and inspiration through prayer and it continues to this day.  When receiving an offer to come to Bank of America, it was a WIN-WIN for her and her son.  Working for the bank, has been a blessing in many different ways, one of which is access to a medical plan that allowed her to invest in self-care and  the lose of more than 75 lbs.  As she continues to self-improve internally and externally, Jennifer realizes that this is a lifelong process.  It never ceases.  The weight loss catapulted her into motivational speaking opening doors for her voice to resound with Class, Confidence and Courage. 

In 2017, this highly sought-after speaker was the workshop facilitator for mothers and children residents of Florence Crittenden Services; featured in People of the Carolinas (, Mama Hustle & Co. SHE BLAZE Campaign –  In addition, Jennifer was also a contributing writer for Women of Fruit Magazine – authoring an article entitled YOU’RE ON SCHEDULE and chosen as one of their 50  groundbreaking Women of the Carolinas – - March 2017. 

In August 2017, she launched and hosted the FTMFTF Radio Show –, was a panelist on Bent But Not Broken panel discussion hosted by Women of Fruit Magazine in September 2017 and keynote speaker at the “This Is How I Rise” Women’s Empowerment luncheon in October 2017.

In 2018 she was nominated as one of the Most Influential Women in Charlotte, was a panelist for the SSS Movement Single Parent Forum, a recipient of the Fashion Forward award from Urban Tymes magazine and panel moderator for "Elevate Your Brand" during the Women Empowerment Expo in Washington, DC, an event that attracts more than 3500 professionals and change leaders.

Often compared to Iyanla Vanzant and Lisa Nichols, she maintains messages that are consistent with her brand.  Thanks to social media and the rave reviews about her work and brand, Fashion the Mind, Fashion the Figure LLC continues to reach thousands who ask….. what’s next? Jennifer released a new online show in October 2018, “Impromptu Conversations with the “Triple ‘C’ CEO,” and in November 2018 debuted the Class, Confidence & Courage Jewelry Collection.